Welcome to my narcissistic corner on the Net.

I am a computer scientist working on the design and implementation of large scale distributed systems including, but not limited to, P2P systems, Network Protocols, and Agreement Problems. I enjoy reasoning about concurrency in large scale systems and the challenges it brings to achieving consistency.

I currently work as a Research Engineer at Informal Systems on the formal specification and verification of distributed protocols.

Previously I have worked on the Hedvig Distributed Storage system, a multi interface, software defined, elastic storage system, at Hedvig Inc. Once Hedvig was acquired by Commvault, HDS became the Commvault Distributed Storage System, which I helped evolve so it could become the underlying piece of the Commvault data management offer.

Before that I have also worked for Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer, where I wrote code that runs in the MS identity related cloud and in the most deployed directory service in the world.

On the academic front I was part of the Computer Science Faculty @ Federal University of Uberlândia, where I researched, taught and advised in the area of distributed systems. I still colaborate with the Computer Science graduate school, including advising MSc Students.

I received my PhD from IC/Unicamp, Brazil, and USI, Switzerland, where I worked under the supervision of Profs. Edmundo Madeira and Fernando Pedone.

Check my LinkedIn page for my complete CV, where you can also contact me. Alternatively, reach out through lasaro at gmail.